Toward Society 3.0. A New Paradigm for 21st century education

The convergence of globalization, the emergence of the knowledge society and accelerating change contribute to what might be best termed a New Paradigm of knowledge production in education. The New Paradigm reflects the emerging shifts in thought, beliefs, priorities and practice in regard to education in society. While the three component trends in the new paradigm are not unknown to educational leaders, discussion of the trends as elements of a larger system is largely absent. These new patterns of thought and belief are forming to harness and manage the chaos, indeterminacy, and complex relationships of the postmodern. This lecture provides a macro-level perspective of these three phenomena as they impact education at all levels. Such perspectives provide insight to leaders throughout the world on how educational institutions relate to the New Paradigm of knowledge production. The lecture then explores „what’s next“ as we build from the New Paradigm to co-construct Education 3.0 to complement Society 3.0.

© Abstract: John Moravec; Lizenz: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0;