(H-German): ANN: Seeking H-German Review Editor(s)

From: H-German Managing Editor Bryan Ganaway,
Subject: ANN: Seeking H-German Review Editor(s)
Date: 9 August 2011

The present editors of H-German seek one or more colleagues to join
their ranks as active review editors. Our member survey told us that
book reviews are the mostly widely used of our services, and it is one
that has grown more than we ever expected. Consequently, we welcome
applicants with chronological expertise both before and after 1648,
disciplinary knowledge in both History and/or German Studies, and
institutional affiliations that span the spectrum of higher education.
In exchange for the significant time demands it makes, this position
offers its holders the opportunity to take a leading role in the premier
English-language forum for the discussion and exploration of German
History and German Studies online. H-German operates on a collaborative
basis and all editors are equal in terms of decision making.

We welcome applications from candidates of all academic ranks and
positions, including younger scholars. H-NET bylaws require an initial
commitment to the position of two years, which can be renewed.

A significant portion of the following skill set (or the time and desire
to acquire it quickly) is necessary:

(1) The ability to work constructively with others; (2) effective
written communication in both English and German; (3) strong knowledge
of the major issues and relevant literature in German History and German
Studies; (4) excellent interpersonal skills using electronic media; (5)
sufficient command of communications technology to stay in regular
contact with the list, even while in Europe.

Experience with list-serv technology or HTML is a plus but is not
necessary. We can help you acquire the technical skills necessary for
the position.

A note on time commitment; participants should be ready to devote 10-15
hours per week to the reviews program during the academic year. Without
rapid, regular responses to fellow editors and list members, and the
ability to work congenially with others, effective management of the
review program is not possible. Upon request, H-NET and H-German will
make a contribution to your tenure and promotion dossier. H-German
reviews take a hiatus during the summer break for US institutions.

To apply, please submit the following materials in a single e-mail:
(1) A current CV including references (we will contact you before
contacting them)
(2) A short description (1-2 pages) of scholarly research and interests.
Doctoral students should explain how much work remains on the
dissertation and the anticipated date of completion
(3) A short statement (1-2 pages) that addresses the following matters:
---What is your assessment of the strengths/weaknesses of the Review
---What will you bring to H-German?
---What is your familiarity with information technology? What is your
approach to learning new ones?
---Will you be attending the GSA (non-attendance is not a disqualifier)?

Please send these documents as attachments to Bryan Ganaway


The H-German Editors

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